Volume 4

In The Presence of Others

Nicholas Gamso & Jason Fox

How can Arendt’s writings help us rethink the role of documentary in visualizing and producing common worlds?

Introduction: In the Presence of Others
Nicholas Gamso & Jason Fox
Maia and the Boundaries of the Frame
Ra'anan Alexandrowicz
Action Between Art and Citizenship
Martin Lucas
To Have Many Returns: Loss in the Presence of Others
Rayya El Zein
Arendt in Jerusalem: Documentary, Theatricality, and the Echo of Irony
Jonathan Kahana
Life, Film, and Decolonial Struggle
Nitasha Dhillon
Principles for Decolonial Film
MTL Collective
Picking Up The Power: Tania Bruguera and Gregory Sholette in Conversation
Tania Bruguera and Gregory Sholette
Truth, Politics, Disintegration: Forensic Architecture at the Whitney
Nicholas Gamso
Conditions: Warren Sack in conversation with Jenny Reardon and Bonnie Honig
Warren Sack, Jenny Reardon and Bonnie Honig
Rewriting the Grammars of Innocence: Abounaddara and The Right to the Image
Miriam Ticktin
Can Rights Be Found on a Map?
Jason Fox
Visualizing the Rights of the Dead: Photography after Arendt
Cecilia Sjöholm
Our Violent Commons: Witnessing the Worldly Within the Imperial Commons
Kareem Estefan
Our Violent Commons: The Territory of Listening
Rachel Stevens
Our Violent Commons: Empathy and Codependency
Irmgard Emmelhainz
Dossier \ Introduction: Documentary World-Making
Josh Guilford & Toby Lee
Dossier \ Disorganized Organization: Signs of Life in the Film-Makers’ Cooperative’s Paper Archive
Josh Guilford
Dossier \ The Abominable Community. Notes on Independent Filmmakers’ Laboratories
Mariya Nikiforova
Dossier \ Decolonizing Archives and Law’s Frame of Accountability
Helene Kazan
Dossier \ Another Table: Black Women’s Cinema and the Production of Community
New Negress Film Society with Nuotama Bodomo, Tchaiko Omawale, Chanelle Aponte Pearson, Kamilah Badiane, Gessica Généus, Ja’Tovia Gary, Adepero Oduye, Cauleen Smith, and Nikyatu
Dossier \ Before, Within, Around, Beyond: World-Making in the Digital Archive
Diana Allan, George Awde, Kaoukab Chebaro, Jared McCormick, Christian Rossipal, and Yasmine Eid Sabbagh

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