January 2018

What is a documentary camera?
What do cameras do?
How do we know?

Edited by Jason Fox

Vol. 2

Fall 2018

Documentary Resources
Documentary Habitats
Documentary Programming

Edited by Jason Fox and Laliv Melamed

Vol. 3

Winter 2020

Looking beyond visibility politics, we seek to trace historical negotiations by Black media makers. What terms of, and access to, the means of representation situate Black visualities within and against larger historical structures of power?

Edited by Jason Fox and Mia Mask

Vol. 4

Fall 2020

How can Arendt’s writings help us rethink the role of documentary in visualizing and producing common worlds? This issue of World Records explores this question, putting Arendt’s work into counterpoint with documentary media and cultures.

Edited by Nicholas Gamso and Jason Fox

Special Dossier by Joshua Guilford and Toby Lee

Vol. 5

Spring 2021

When and why has story become today’s pre-eminent mode for documentary and what gets lost when storied structures prevail?

Edited by Alexandra Juhasz and Alisa Lebow