Trust Issues

Jason Fox and Aliya Pabani

An audio series about images that bond us together.

Written By
Jason Fox

Produced By
Aliya Pabani

Story Consultant
Brett Story

Additional Audio Production
Heather Kirby

Copy Editor
Cameron Moneo

Graphic Design
Daniel Schrempf

Jason Fox

Editorial Board
Benj Gerdes
Faye Ginsburg
Alexandra Juhasz
Alisa Lebow
Martin Lucas
Ivone Margulies
Pooja Rangan
Tess Takahashi

Advisory Board
Josetxo Cerdán
Cíntia Gil
Carlos Gutiérrez
Laliv Melamed
Rachael Rakes
Lynne Sachs
Shireen Seno
Pegi Vail
Genevieve Yue

Additional support provided by The Flaherty staff members Anto Astudillo and Sarie Horowitz. The series was made possible thanks to the generous support of The Flaherty, as part of an ongoing initiative to make seven decades of the Flaherty Seminar archives available to researchers and creators.

Published by
The Center for Media, Culture, and History at New York University

ISSN 2640-0065