A note about story. I agree that story should not be the privileged form for organizing documentary and especially for creating resistance and change, and that all potential forms should be explored and utilized. Nonetheless, I think that story can remain an important form if used creatively. (Caveat: I am a writer and an avid reader, so words are my media, and my contribution here comes from this vantagepoint.) To me, story is neither a cage nor a club, the sole tool of the dominant culture. I think that it is more like soft clay that can be molded in many ways to create forms of choice. “And then and then and then,” or fragments connected in subtle ways, are some but not all forms that story can take. Story is one of the oldest cultural means of communicating. When I, as a feminist, think of the tales told by wise old women in different cultures, or simply women gathering to “gossip” over tea or wine, I imagine that their stories are often different from a simple retelling of their masters’ orders. In general, stories have historically been used to give form to ideas and feelings, and I believe that there need not be rules for what ideas, what feelings, find shape therein.



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